Just Around the Corner — For Girls

Just Around the Corner — For Girls - DVD

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FREE Journal Pages Updated 2011 This reassuring presentation includes the same cheerful theme song and clearly illustrated biology, enhanced with new narration and photography to help prepare your younger elementary-level girls for all of the changes ahead. Topics covered in this lively program include:
  • When to expect the onset of puberty
  • The physical and emotional changes of puberty
  • The maturation of the female reproductive system
  • Menstruation
  • The importance of good hygiene and healthy habits
  • Maintaining health through good nutrition and exercise "Up-to-date information, common sense suggestions, matter-of-fact presentation, and practical tips all make these videos a comfortable introduction to puberty." — North Carolina Department of Public Instruction "The updated versions are the BEST puberty films for Grade 4 that I have ever seen!" — Heather Kennedy, Pond Cove Elementary, Cape Elizabeth (ME) "These are exceptional videos that teach important facts in a concise, reassuring, non-threatening way." — School Library Journal

Key Concept: Reassuring about changes on the way!

Details: Run time 15:07

Closed Captioned

Age Group: Grades 4-6

Available in Spanish
Closed Captioned