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Teach Your Students To Use Their Imagination With "Dream Catchers"

The age-old symbol of the dream catcher provides an emblem for this story of two twenty-first-century heroes - Carolyn and Zachary - whose adventures show them the power of art to capture the dreams of the imagination.

With Grandfather's help they set off on an incredible journey that takes them to the land of the dinosaurs, the caves of Stone Age storytellers, and then smack into a herd of stampeding buffalo on the North American plains.

This inspiring story is illustrated by Louis Glanzman whose art has graced our coffee tables and bookshelves for more than fifty years. His work has captured the events of our history for the covers of the Saturday Evening Post, National Geographic, and Time magazine, and his images of leaders and heroes past and present hang in the National Portrait Gallery and in public buildings across the United States. He is perhaps most fondly known, however, as the man who brought to life the red-headed heroine of Pippi Longstockingincluded on School Library Journal's list of "One Hundred Books That Shaped the Century."

Dream Catchers is one of twenty-nine titles in MarshMedia's Character Education library.

These books bring character education to the classroom with contemporary, imaginative stories that teach everyday values like honesty, trustworthiness, perseverance, anger control, bullying and resisting peer pressure. In all 29 titles in the series, delightful animal characters are presented in a variety of multicultural settings to model ways of coping with common life problems. Each book is part of a larger kit that includes a full-color hard cover storybook, a word-for-word video match for read-along use, a language-intensive teaching guide with story summary, instructional goals and ideas for keeping the character-building them alive in the classroom, as well as a set of home ties intended for parental involvement.

Whether you are a teacher, librarian or a school counselor, these books are ideal for helping students learn about everyday values.