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What's New at MarshMedia?

Since 1969 MarshMedia has allowed previewing of our products for schools and school districts. This was done so that our customers would be assured that they were purchasing items that met their needs and were aligned with their schools curriculum.  In order to allow for these previews, MarshMedia would ship the DVD's directly to the customer and at the end of the preview period (usually 30 days) the customer would ship back the programs they did not wish to keep. This process caused an unnecessary return shipping expense to our wonderful customers.

NO MORE! MarshMedia currently has 47 of our most popular titles on our website that are available to Schools for free online previewing and the process is easy!

Simply send an email to and let us know that you would like to preview our programs online and provide the date parameters of when you will have the time to view the programs you wish to preview. You can view all 47 of our titles in their entirety if you like! We will then send you a discount code and instructions you will need to set up your online preview account.  It's that easy!

Keep in mind that if you choose a program and it does not say "This program is also available to stream online", then that program is not available for online reviewing/streaming.

If you prefer, we can  still send you the DVD's you wish to preview as we have in the past.

ALSO NEW! If you choose any of our titles that available for streaming you can stream those programs right from our website to your school or school district. If you are interested in that option please send us an email or give us a call at 1-800-821-3303 and provide us with the number of students in the school or school district and the number of buildings that the programs will be viewed at, and we will give you an attractive quote. If you district already has an in-house server that can stream our programs we can do that as well.

Finally, we would like to thank our loyal customers for their business over the past 48 years and look forward to our continued relationship!