Hana's Year

Hana's Year - DVD

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In a timeless corner of Japan, a little monkey learns to accept responsibility for her actions. Hana is one year old - old enough to get into lots of trouble! Especially when she falls under the bad influence of Tampopo, the most mischievous of all the monkeys, whose favorite words are "Follow me!" When Tampopo leads Hana to betray the trust of her friend, the boy Kenji, Hana realizes it is time to rely on her own judgment - even if it means being alone. From the rustic valley where Kenji and his grandmother create traditional indigo-dyed kimono cloth - to the wild mountainside where trouble-seeking monkeys leap and bound through the trees — illustrator Itoko Maeno has captured the beauty of the four seasons in Japan.

Hana's Year will help you:

  • Present techniques for resisting peer pressure
  • Encourage students to take responsibility for their own actions
  • Introduce the geography and culture of Japan 

Honorable Mention: Best Children's Book — Mid-America Publishers Association

"In the teacher's guide, the information on the Japanese language and the art activities will be useful for curriculum enrichment." — School Library Journal 

Each of the DVD's in Marshmedia's character education series combines sight , sound , and story. Sophisticated iconographic technology brings movement and stunning visual effects to vivid watercolor art. Original music captures the spirit and geographical flavor of the story's special world. Gifted narrative and character voices tell each timeless, meaningful story. Young students are delighted by these productions  that whisk them to new places and help them discover the internal strengths they need to meet the challenges of classroom, playground , and home.

This DVD is also available in Spanish!

Run Time: 17:10 

Age Group: K-4

Available in Spanish