Amazing Mallika

Amazing Mallika - Storybook

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Journey to India and discover ways to control a hot temper. Mallika is a tiger with a temper. When faced with unfair play, teasing, her own inadequacies โ€” the everyday irritations that confront all children โ€” Mallika responds with fury. It takes her a while to figure out that being angry is no fun and that a tantrum doesn't make things better. Mallika's story takes place in India's Ranthambhore Park, once the private hunting grounds of maharajahs, now a wildlife preserve and home to rare and exotic animal species, including sambar deer, tree-pie birds, langur monkeys, and the endangered Bengal tiger. Itoko Maeno's deeply atmospheric watercolors capture these inhabitants of the park as well as the crumbling ruins, ancient banyan trees, and ever-changing light of the Indian landscape. With the Amazing Mallika teaching guide leading the way, your students will be draping their own saris and dhotis, learning about the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, using a rain gauge to measure their local "monsoons," and creating their own "Stomp Out Anger" song and dance. Amazing Mallika will help you
  • Present strategies for coping with anger
  • Introduce information about endangered species and habitats
  • Explore the culture and geography of India

"Parents and teachers alike will find the guided package important." โ€”The Children's Bookwatch

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Author: Jami Parkinson

Illustrator: Itoko Maeno

Key Concept: Controlling anger

ISBN: 978-1-55942-087-7

Details: 32 pp.

Age Group: Grades K-4