Bailey's Birthday

Bailey's Birthday - Storybook

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A New York story weighs love against material wealth. Hit the sidewalks of New York with a girl named Margot and a Dalmatian pup named Bailey. Both are on their best behavior in anticipation of their shared birthday celebration. Students will feel Bailey's keen disappointment when all he gets for his birthday is a kiss and a bandanna. And they will rejoice with Bailey's realization that the love and support of his family are more important than material gifts. The storybook's colorful end pages feature facts about New York City's history and sights, along with a panoramic map of the five boroughs and New York Harbor, including the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. The Bailey's Birthday teaching guide will have your students identifying the sights of Central Park, learning about breeds of dogs, constructing a birthday graph, designing paper airplanes, and singing Bailey's theme song about gifts "you can't break, lose, or outgrow."

Bailey's Birthday will help you:

  • Explore the value of material gifts as measures of worth
  • Promote growth in self-confidence
  • Introduce factual information about aviation, about the canine species, and about the sights and history of New York City

 "[Bailey learns] about something more important than material gifts: the love and support of a family. Recommended." - Video Librarian

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Author: Elizabeth Happy

Illustrator: Andra Chase

Key Concept: Celebrating gifts of the heart

ISBN: 978-1-55942-059-4

Details: 32 pp.

Age Group: Grades K-4