Clarissa - Storybook

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Item# 7650IN over for Clarissa and help children discover that they are special in their own special ways. Clarissa is just a plain brown cow - to herself and almost everybody else on the Larson farm. The story of how Clarissa rescues a troupe of prize animals and proves her own worth to herself and those around her is a blue-ribbon winner for every youngster who learns it. And Itoko Maeno's stunning watercolor depictions of lush Wisconsin dairyland, a magical country fair, and a winning cast of two-and four-legged characters will enchant children. The Clarissa teaching guide sparks dozens of activities. Invite your students to an international cheese-tasting "party," join them in writing advertising slogans featuring animal spokespersons like Clarissa, and show them how to make clever cow puppets that can be used in role-playing starring Clarissa and her bovine friends.

Clarissa will help you:

  •  Promote the recognition, development, and use of students` special abilities
  •  Introduce information about dairy farms, dairy cattle, and dairy products
  • Introduce the sights and delights of Wisconsin and of a country fair


"The video and its companion book will definitely be enjoyed by the intended audience". - School Library Journal

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Four-Star Recommendation -Video Rating Guide for Libraries

Author: Carol Talley

Illustrator: Itoko Maeno

Key Concept: Recognizing self-worth

ISBN: 978-1-55942-014-3

Details: 32 pp.

Age Group: Grades K-4