Gumbo Goes Downtown

Gumbo Goes Downtown - Storybook

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Show youngsters that the road to self-esteem sometimes leads right back home. To meet Gumbo, hop on a St. Charles streetcar and take it to Uptown New Orleans. Gumbo thinks he leads a pretty dull life. Maybe that's why he decides one day to run away from home, to leave his watchdog duties and go Downtown. Children will delight in following Gumbo as he finds adventure aplenty in the historic French Quarter and meets a delightful cast of canine characters. And they will learn — as Gumbo does — that wherever he goes and whomever he meets, everyone seems to be looking for the very thing he has left behind — a place called home. With the aid of the Gumbo Goes Downtown teaching guide, you will have your students tapping their toes to a sampling of New Orleans' rich musical heritage, learning more about their favorite breeds of dogs, and participating in role-playing situations featuring Gumbo and friends.

Gumbo Goes Downtown will help you:

  • Examine with students their importance in their own homes
  • Explore with students sources of inner contentment
  • Introduce the sights and heritage of New Orleans, Louisiana

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"Viewers will pick up a little New Orleans culture, learn a lesson about the importance of home, and get a real treat in listening to Bob Walkenhorst's superb Southern-flavored narration." Video Librarian

Author: Carol Talley

Illustrator: Itoko Maeno

Key Concept: Appreciating Home

ISBN: 978-1-55942-042-6

Details: 32 pp.

Age Group: Grades K-4