Kylie's Concert

Kylie's Concert - Storybook

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Kylie is back to show that every voice makes a difference. It's hard for Kylie to leave her friends and risk the unknown forest path. But she has a dream she must follow. Your students will sing along with Kylie as she travels through the eucalyptus forest, and they will gain insight into tough environmental questions as they learn with her about a danger threatening Kylie's forest and friends. The Kylie's Concert video is visually stunning with its rainbow-hued fauna and flora and fascinating images of Australia's most unusual creatures - among them the echidna, the tree kangaroo, and the sugar glider. Activities in the teaching guide enhance core curriculum and expand the story's themes. Students will develop map skills, explore Australian ecology, learn goal-setting skills, identify an endangered species in your own locale, make animal masks, and more.

Kylie's Concert will help you:

  • Encourage the active pursuit of goals
  • Examine the external and internal conflicts that can threaten dreams
  • Explore endangered habitats and species

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Kylie's Concert provides a strong sequel to the popular Kylie's Song, this time revealing the singing koala's ongoing special dreams. Children's Bookwatch

Author: Patty Sheehan

Illustrator: Itoko Maeno

Key Concept: Turning unique gifts into contributions

ISBN: 978-1-55942-046-4

Details: 32 pp.

Age Group: Grades K-4