Ludmila's Way

Ludmila's Way - Storybook

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Discover the spirit of generosity in a timeless Russian village. When homeless dog Vladimir is rescued from the cold, he joins a growing community of animal characters who inhabit Ludmila's barn — Ludmila herself, of course, and the three hens, the two cows, the one contrary goose — and we mustn't forget the mylishe, tiny but hungry — and then the swallows! Ludmila knows the best way to maintain harmony in these tight quarters: share and share alike. The ancient town of Suzdal, with its onion shaped domes, belltowers, wooden windmills, and chalk-white monasteries, provides the backdrop for this simple story of generosity. A traditional Russian family, that cares for the animals and grows fruit and vegetables on the small plot of land, echoes — in human terms — the theme of sharing. The Ludmila's Way teaching guide outlines dozens of creative cross-curriculum activities. Your students will discover a whole new alphabet, prepare an Eastern European snack, and learn to say "Hello!" and "So long!" — in Russian!

Ludmila's Way will help you:

  • Promote the value and benefits of sharing
  • Demonstrate how one person can bring about group change
  • Introduce the geography and culture of Russia

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Author: Linda Talley

Illustrator: Andra Chase

Key Concept: Sharing

ISBN: 978-1-55942-190-4

Details: 32 pp.

Age Group: Grades K-4