Tessa On Her Own

Tessa On Her Own - Storybook

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Share a modern fable in praise of industry.

Tessa, a young red fox, is lazy. Instead of learning how to hunt for herself, she relies on her brother Rex to share his meals with her. When Tessa strikes out on her own, she learns the importance of work and being able to take care of herself — and eventually others who depend on her.

Tessa on Her Own features the coastal mountains and the Ojai Valley of Southern California — from rough chaparral to lush orchard groves — and animal inhabitants such as the California Quail, the mule deer, the coyote, and a family of laughing raccoons. The teaching guide offers dozens of activities for all curriculum areas — creating a chaparral diorama, growing an avocado, discovering other foxy fables, and much more.

Tessa on Her Own will help you:

  •  Encourage students to take care of themselves in age-appropriate ways
  •  Develop in students a positive attitude toward work
  •  Introduce information about red foxes, California and the Ojai Valley

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"... lovely watercolors... The illustrated end papers add facts about the flora and fauna glimpsed within."
Publishers Weekly