MARSHmedia's guidance education materials use animal protagonists facing challenges such as bullying, controlling anger, teasing and self-esteem in settings that are culturally, geographically and environmentally fascinating for grade school students.

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Aloha Potter!
Amazing Mallika
Bailey's Birthday
Bea's Own Good
Beyond Coloring
Dream Catchers
Emily Breaks Free
Feathers At Las Flores
Following Isabella
Gumbo Goes Downtown
Hana's Year
Inger's Promise
Jackson's Plan
Jomo and Mata
Kylie's Concert
Ludmila's Way
Molly's Magic
Papa Piccolo
Sing Your Own Song
Stanley's "This is the Life!"
Straight Talk About Self-Confidence
Straight Talk About Self-Image and Identity
Straight Talk About Sex, Gender, and Media
Straight Talk About Sexual Choices & Consequences
Tessa On Her Own
Thank You, Meiling