Thank You, Meiling

Thank You, Meiling - DVD

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Visit a Chinese village for lessons in common courtesy. Meiling is an impatient, ill-mannered young duck who can never seem to remember her mother's advice: stop and think of others. Then one day Meiling follows the boy Song Hai to market and learns a thing or two about good manners — waiting her turn, saying "please" and "thank you," helping others, and sharing. She also learns about the upcoming Moon Festival as she follows Song Hai through the bustling market, where eager shoppers buy paper lanterns and fat mooncakes in preparation for the mid-autumn celebration. Artist Itoko Maeno vividly portrays the sights of a small town in southeast China — the narrow residential lanes, the colorful marketplace, and the tidy courtyard where Song Hai and his family watch the harvest moon rise high in the sky.

Thank You, Meiling will help you:

  • Promote courtesy in students' daily lives
  • Introduce students to Chinese culture
  • Present facts and lore about our moon 

 "An outstanding multicultural resource." — North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Each of the DVD's in Marshmedia's character education series combines sight , sound , and story. Sophisticated iconographic technology brings movement and stunning visual effects to vivid watercolor art. Original music captures the spirit and geographical flavor of the story's special world. Gifted narrative and character voices tell each timeless, meaningful story. Young students are delighted by these productions  that whisk them to new places and help them discover the internal strengths they need to meet the challenges of classroom, playground , and home.

Run Time: 15:00

Age Group: K-4