Good Things First! Nutrition Edition Kit

Good Things First! Nutrition Edition Kit - Kit

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With mounting evidence of widespread diet-related maladies among children, we are eager to introduce a new series of wellness titles for elementary school children. Featuring registered dietitian Joan O'Keefe, co-author of The Forever Young Diet & Lifestyle, our commonsense new titles promote a lifetime of energy and good health.

Joan's presentation is dynamic, but her advice to kids is simple: eat good things first! This informed new title is in keeping with the current Food Pyramid guidelines and outlines a scientifically based nutritious diet that promotes a lean body, forceful muscles, strong bones, an aerobically fit heart, and a good immune system. Kids will find the basic principles practical and easy to follow.

In addition to the video or DVD (Run Time: 20:21), the comprehensive kit includes an extensive teaching guide (36 pages) and a set of beautiful classroom posters.

Key Concept: With Joan O'Keefe, R.D.
Details:  Run Time 20:21
Closed Captioned
Age Group: Grades 3-5

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