Stanley's "This Is the Life!"

Stanley's "This Is the Life!" - Storybook

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Making healthy choices, Stanley the bear shows children how healthful nutrition and exercise give the body the energy and strength to live a life full of fun and adventure. When Stanley goes on an eating binge and accidentally falls asleep in a camper, he suddenly awakes and finds himself far away from home and stranded at a drive-in - which appears to be "the life." However, after days of eating cookies and candy, sleeping and watching movies, Stanley realizes he is not living "the life." He is very overweight and feeling very tired. He doesn't have the energy to fish, run or climb trees anymore. In his effort to get his real life back, Stanley learns that eating healthy food makes him feel better and gives him the strength to do all of the fun things he really liked to do in the forest. "He thought about the food at the drive-in, the frightening chase in the forest, and the long journey home. Now Stanley stayed away from people and their cookies. He caught fish. He ate pine nuts and huckleberries. He felt healthy. He felt strong.

." Stanley's "This Is the Life!" will help you:

  • Promote healthy nutrition
  • Introduce the right foods to give the body energy
  • Emphasize why it's important to be active

This storybook is available at in Kindle reading format

Age Group: Grades K-4

Author: Alyssa Chase Rebein

Illustrator: Andra Chase

Key Concept: Health and wellness

Details: 32 pp.