Alcohol: What About It?

Alcohol: What About It? - DVD

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Fact-based videos promote positive, life-affirming values. This video provides alcohol facts for kids. For example, alcohol is the most abused drug in the United States. It is the leading cause of automobile accidents; it is a significant factor in the incidence of suicide every year; and it causes irreparable damage to the alcohol abuser's health. A young boy, tempted to take his first drink, wrestles with the decision on a deserted baseball diamond. There he encounters a spectral ball player, who guides him through the decision-making process. Alcohol: What About It? helps students become aware of immediate and far-reaching effects of alcohol use. It explores these topics:
  • What about the effects of alcohol use and abuse?
  • What about strategies for dealing with stress, conflict, or negative feelings?
  • What about decision-making, problem-solving, and assertiveness skills?
  • What about the value of supportive personal relationships at home, at school, and in the community?

"This positive program stresses the values of self-reliance, self-care, personal responsibility, and individualism in the face of choices that affect health and well-being. ... the program teaches children the steps to making good choices, and how to stick by them. This valuable life skill works for much more than just alcohol use."School Library Journal 


Key Concept: Substance abuse prevention program

Run Time 15:55

Closed Captioned

Age Group: Grades 4-6

Available in Spanish
Closed Captioned