Clarissa - DVD

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Item# 9511D over for Clarissa and help children discover that they are special in their own special ways. Clarissa is just a plain brown cow - to herself and almost everybody else on the Larson farm. The story of how Clarissa rescues a troupe of prize animals and proves her own worth to herself and those around her is a blue-ribbon winner for every youngster who learns it. And Itoko Maeno's stunning watercolor depictions of lush Wisconsin dairyland, a magical country fair, and a winning cast of two-and four-legged characters will enchant children.

Clarissa will help you:

  •  Promote the recognition, development, and use of students` special abilities
  •  Introduce information about dairy farms, dairy cattle, and dairy products
  • Introduce the sights and delights of Wisconsin and of a country fair 

"The video and its companion book will definitely be enjoyed by the intended audience". - School Library Journal 

Each of the DVD's in Marshmedia's character education series combines sight , sound , and story. Sophisticated iconographic technology brings movement and stunning visual effects to vivid watercolor art. Original music captures the spirit and geographical flavor of the story's special world. Gifted narrative and character voices tell each timeless, meaningful story. Young students are delighted by these productions  that whisk them to new places and help them discover the internal strengths they need to meet the challenges of classroom, playground , and home.

This DVD is also available in Spanish!

Run Time: 13:00

Age Group: K-4


Available in Spanish