Sun Sense

Sun Sense - DVD

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Now kids can enjoy the sunshine — while protecting themselves from the harmful effects of UV rays.

The sun is our friend. Every plant, every animal, and every human needs the sun's energy to live and grow. But there is a dark side to our friend the sun. The sun's rays pose real dangers to kids who don`t practice sun sense.

This video, produced in response to and in consultation with school nurses, provides basic information about the sun, the harm sunlight can cause, and ways to protect ourselves from that harm.

Sun Sense covers these important topics:

• The kinds of light the sun sends to earth
• The dangers of too much sunlight, including painful sunburn, permanent damage to skin and eyes, damage to the immune system, and skin cancer.
• Three kinds of skin cancer
• Ways to guard against sun damage - using sunscreen, dressing wisely, keeping an eye on the clock, and checking for signs of developing skin cancer
• A special warning about the high price of suntanning

Sun Sense will help keep your students safe in the sun.

“All the essentials of avoiding skin cancer are packed into this short presentation.” 
— School Library Journal

 “A good, quick overview. *** Recommended.” 
— Video Librarian 

"With skin cancer on the rise, health teachers can help elementary and middle school students limit sun damage by exposing them to Sun Sense."
— North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Age Group: All Ages

Available in Spanish
Closed Captioned