A Girl's Guide to Puberty and Personal Safety

A Girl's Guide to Puberty and Personal Safety - Kit

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Puberty education for students with special needs. Intended for older students with special needs, this kit readily stands alone, but also follows on developmentally from the Girl's Guide to Growing Up, giving parents and educators continued momentum in the vital task of educating adolescents with special needs. In addition to the DVD (Run Time: 21:00), the comprehensive kit includes an extensive teaching guide (36 pages) and packets of 10 student booklets (32 pages each). The instructional material is organized in chapter format, allowing for lesson breaks, instructional focus and revision. Teaching guides include pre- and post-test measures designed to focus on the important ideas from each chapter. Test pages are thoughtfully designed for multi-modalities. Formatted into five discrete but sequential sections, the chapters are as follows:
  • Boys' Bodies details the anatomy and functions of male sexual organs.
  • Girls' Bodies details the anatomy and functions of female sexual organs.
  • Where Do Babies Come From? includes a definition of sexual intercourse with an emphasis on privacy and maturity.
  • Public or Private? describes private and public places, appropriate behaviors and societal expectations.
  • Staying Safe emphasizes rules about touching, secrets and strangers.
Designed for students with mild to moderate disabilities, the following special populations will find this reassuring title comprehensible, practical and positive. Students with:
  • Developmental disabilities or delays
  • Intrusive behavior or mental illness
  • Down Syndrome
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder, including Asperger's Syndrome
  • Learning disabilities
  • Behavioral disabilities
  • Communicative disorders
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    Author: Liz Sweeney Illustrator: Gala Perry Key Concept: For students with special needs Closed Captioned Age Group: All Ages

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