Bastet - DVD

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In far away Cairo, allegiance between friends is put to the test. Among the cats that live in the streets of Cairo are two good friends, Bastet and Sabah. Their lives are not easy, but they have their small pleasures, their dreams, and each other. Their fondest dream is to visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and see the golden mask of King Tutankhamun. One day, the chance to make this dream come true is suddenly offered to Bastet by her new "friend" Khufu. There's only one problem. Khufu insists that Sabah not be included in the adventure. This story of allegiance between friends is set in one of the world's oldest cities — among monuments, mosques, markets, and museums. Illustrator Itoko Maeno's exquisite and carefully researched depictions of the ancient Khan el-Khalili bazaar, the timeless Nile, and the treasures of Tutankhamun provide a luminous backdrop for this thought-provoking story.

Bastet will help you:

  •  Explore ways to maintain and strengthen friendships
  • Consider the importance of loyalty between friends
  • Introduce information about present day Egypt
  • Investigate ancient Egypt and the science of archaeology

Each of the DVD's in Marshmedia's character education series combines sight , sound , and story. Sophisticated iconographic technology brings movement and stunning visual effects to vivid watercolor art. Original music captures the spirit and geographical flavor of the story's special world. Gifted narrative and character voices tell each timeless, meaningful story. Young students are delighted by these productions  that whisk them to new places and help them discover the internal strengths they need to meet the challenges of classroom, playground , and home.

This DVD also available in Spanish!

Run Time: 15:00

Age Group: K-4