Following Isabella

Following Isabella - Storybook

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A herd of Spanish sheep is badly in need of guidance. Everyone knows that sheep are followers. They are perfectly content to trail along behind whomever happens to be a few steps ahead. This is exactly the case with a flock of sheep living outside a tiny village in the heart of Spain. One day Isabella begins to wonder if there isn't another way. "Must we always be wandering about willy-nilly, nobody knowing where we are going?" But recognizing the need for a leader and accepting the responsibility of being one are two different things. It will require a bolt of lightning โ€” literally โ€” to transform the reluctant Isabella into the leader she must be. From crumbling stone farm buildings and rugged grazing land to the pinnacled Alcazar, once home of Queen Isabella, this story captures the drama of the Spanish landscape, the perfect backdrop for the exciting events that lead to our Isabella's transformation. The Following Isabella teaching guide will show you how to promote leadership in the classroom, and cross-curriculum activities will have your students observing the phases of a developing thunderstorm, listening to the Spanish national anthem, and exploring the regions of Spain.

Following Isabella will help you:

  • Consider leadership as a service to one's community
  • Investigate different kinds of leadership
  • Present information about sheep and sheep farming
  • Explore the geography and culture of Spain

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"A story about leadership, confidence, initiative and cooperation. Particularly useful for studies in social skills and character education. [Isabella] will be appreciated by general viewers as well." โ€” School Library Journal

Author: Linda Talley

Illustrator: Andra Chase

Key Concept: Becoming a leader

ISBN: 978-1-55942-163-8

Details: 32 pp.

Age Group: Grades K-4