Inger's Promise

Inger's Promise - DVD

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Travel north to the Arctic Circle, where reliability can be a matter of survival. Inger may have the whitest fur and an impressive set of antlers, but his friends just can't depend on this young reindeer. First he disrupts a wedding. Next he forfeits the big sled race. Will Inger get another chance to prove he can be trusted? Inger's opportunity soon comes, against the backdrop of an unforgiving Arctic snowstorm, and at stake are the lives of three reindeer. Inger's story is set in Norway and features a fast-fading way of life among the Sami reindeer herders, who have lived in close interdependence with the reindeer for centuries.

Inger's Promise will help you:

  • Emphasize the value of being trustworthy
  • Investigate the lives of the Sami people
  • Introduce information about reindeer and other Arctic wildlife
  • Explore the geography and culture of Norway

Each of the DVD's in Marshmedia's character education series combines sight , sound , and story. Sophisticated iconographic technology brings movement and stunning visual effects to vivid watercolor art. Original music captures the spirit and geographical flavor of the story's special world. Gifted narrative and character voices tell each timeless, meaningful story. Young students are delighted by these productions  that whisk them to new places and help them discover the internal strengths they need to meet the challenges of classroom, playground , and home.

Run Time: 18:00 

Age Group: K-4