Scoliosis - DVD

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Age Group: Grades 5-8

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Put students’ minds at ease about a big word... a quick and easy screening procedure.

Scoliosis, a medical condition that causes the spine to curve, is treatable if detected early. For this reason many states require schools to conduct scoliosis screening clinics for fifth through eighth graders. This live-action video is designed for showing to students prior to the scoliosis screening at their school. 

This reassuring program covers the following topics:

• The spine`s normal curvature
• Spinal curvature problems resulting from scoliosis
• The importance of early detection of scoliosis
• What to expect from the scoliosis screening procedure
• Effective treatments for scoliosis

"Scoliosis will alleviate any apprehension young people may experience about this medical condition or about the screening procedure itself and will help assure that your students enter adulthood with normal, healthy backs. “*** A good introduction for elementary and middle school health classes.” 
— Video Librarian 

“Highly recommended for school and community libraries.” 
— Children’s Bookwatch 
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Closed Captioned