Straight Talk About Sex, Gender, and Media

Straight Talk About Sex, Gender, and Media - DVD

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Learn to interpret media messages.

In the tradition of the Straight Talk series, practical ways for students to gain media literacy are outlined in this timely new video. Analyzing the purposes of media messages and interpreting hidden agendas is a vital skill for young teens under barrage from high-pressure marketing. From Straight Talk About Sex, Gender, and Media, students will begin to develop a healthy critical approach to the many different forms the media takes, and to make more informed decisions regarding their own choices with regard to sexuality. This video raises the awareness of young people and promotes abstinence from risky behavior.

Key Concept: Interpreting media messages

ISBN: 1-55942-198-3
Details: 18:33
Closed Captioned
Age Group: Grades 6-8

Closed Captioned