Digital Programs for Schools


Digital Programs are now now available! If you would like to provide access to any of our programs directly from your school or school district’s server simply send us an email at and provide us with the following information and we will send you a quote for a digital programs contract:

  • The names of the programs you will need
  • The number of buildings the programs will be provided to
  • The number of years you would like to use our programs
  • The number of households that would have access to the programs

Program Previews for Parents and Guardians

YES! For the first time ever, if you purchase a Digital Programs contract, we will allow schools and school districts to provide parents and guardians with the ability to preview our programs at home. NO MORE PARENT PREVIEW NIGHTS!! Our only requirement is that parental preview periods be limited to a two-week period each year, and that your district’s server is secure and password protected.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at: