Hygiene for Kids

Staying healthy means keeping the body clean. MarshMedia offers several personal hygiene educational videos for kids. Topics include: head lice, hand washing, skin, teeth and eyes. DVDs include a FREE pocket size hygiene teaching guide.

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Head Lice: An Itchy Problem
Just Around the Corner — For Boys, Grades 4-6
Just Around the Corner — For Girls, Grades 4-6
Let's Just Talk — For Boys, Grades 5-8
Meet the New You! For Girls, Grades 3-5
Straight Talk About Puberty for Girls, Grades 5-8
Take Care of Your Ears!
Take Care of Your Eyes!
Take Care of Your Skin, Hair and Nails!
Take Care of Your Teeth!
Wash Those Hands Posters (20)
Wash Those Hands!
We're Growing Up!, Grades 5-8
Whatsa Hygiene?
You're Not a Little Kid Anymore - Personal Hygiene