Wash Those Hands!

Wash Those Hands! - DVD

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Wash those hands — and wash away germs that can cause colds, flu, stomach upsets, and a host of more serious infections. WASH THOSE HANDS! contains the latest information, and compelling reasons to keep on washing those hands!  Students will learn about:

  • The benefits of hand washing for everyone
  • All about germs — What are they? Where are they? How do they make people sick?
  • Getting rid of germs — When is hand washing most important?
  • What is the best way to wash your hands?
  • What to use when soap and water is not available?

  • As an introduction to basic personal hygiene, this video is also a useful component of an elementary AIDS education curriculum and a variety of special education programs.

    Key Concept: Hand washing is essential to good health
    Run Time: 10:00
    Closed Captioned
    Age Group: Grades K-5
    Closed Captioned