Take Care of Your Eyes!

Take Care of Your Eyes! - DVD

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Annie Funelli and the Funsters show students how to have fun, stay healthy and take good care of themselves.

Annie turns out the lights and invites the Funsters — and your students — to explore the magic of vision. She draws from her bag of tricks to demonstrate how sight delivers a wealth of information, alerts us to danger, and adds to life’s pleasure.

Annie shows youngsters how to be on the lookout for signs of eye problems, from temporary conditions like pink eye, to long-term focusing difficulties. Annie explains how a nurse or doctor may diagnose and treat eye problems, and she explains ways to avoid eye injuries.

Annie shows how eyes are examined and vision tested, and she helps seeing youngsters understand some of the ways children cope with serious loss of sight. 

This video ends with a roundup of all the ways Funsters and youngsters can help take care of their eyes! "A few magical effects, a catchy little tune, well-rehearsed acting, and fun setting make [this video] enjoyable for both students and teachers. Recommended."
- Library Media Connection 

"... ideal for school and community library health and safety video collections."
- Children's Bookwatch

Age Group: Grades K-3

Closed Captioned