You're Not a Little Kid Anymore - Personal Hygiene

You're Not a Little Kid Anymore - Personal Hygiene - DVD

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The clean routine! "I take a bath or shower every single day. Oil, sweat, dead skin, WASH IT AWAY! You're not a little kid anymore!" Your students will love this musical message about personal hygiene! Topic explored include bathing, hand washing, care of teeth, hair and nails and the importance of clothes that are clean and neat.

Key Concept: Personal hygiene

Run Time: 18:00

Closed Captioned

Age Group: Grades 3-5

"Very appropriate for the grade levels I am presenting to." (4th & 5th") -Terri Balser, RN, Jefferson Parish Public School System 

"We really liked the You're Not A Little Kid Anymore video. It fit the National Standards and our needs best." - Health Curriculum Director, USD 497, Lawrence, KS.

"Excellent DVD - Good information on all aspects of hygiene & good demonstrations of hand washing & oral care. Good information on protective goggles for ears and protecting hearing from earphones/music." - Peggy Mudd, School Nurse, Pasco School District, Pasco WA.

Closed Captioned