We're Growing Up!, Grades 5-8

We're Growing Up!, Grades 5-8 - DVD

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This reassuring program presents facts about puberty in a context of self-respect and self-confidence.  We're Growing Up! is designed for a combined audience of boys and girls. The narrator talks comfortably and matter-of-factly about human growth patterns (starting with a baby's rapid growth in the womb) and moves quickly through to the subject at hand — adolescence. A review of male and female anatomy and sexual development and an emphasis on responsible choices will be starting points for classroom discussion. A lively cast of young teenagers and sensitive artwork round out this production.


. "The Growing Up! videos are exactly what we need. They're perfect. They're age-appropriate and cover everything the students need to know. The artwork is clear and well-organized." — Sue Howard, Health Education Consultant, Moraga School District, Moraga, California

"We look for materials that are both informative and meet the majority's criteria for what is appropriate and tasteful. I'm very pleased with these live-action programs." —Debra Dickman, R.N., Director of Nursing Morgan County Health Department, Jacksonville, Illinois


Key Concept: Insights into the challenges of puberty

Run Time: 11:30

Closed Captioned

Age Group: Grades 4-8

Closed Captioned