You Are Not Alone featuring Quinn Bradlee

You Are Not Alone featuring Quinn Bradlee - DVD

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"There are challenges wherever you are in life, in every situation there are challenges and that shouldn't stop you from doing things. In fact, it's accepting that challenge and if you overcome that challenge, that's what builds up self-confidence...If I can do it, anyone can." — Quinn Bradlee

Every person is unique and special but sometimes being different can make you feel like an outsider. You Are Not Alone focuses on important lessons in courage, humor and honor from Quinn Bradlee, a role model for students with learning disabilities or special needs. In this exclusive interview at his office in Arlington, VA, Quinn talks about his growing up years and his experiences as a kid with learning disabilities, while other kids share how being different has affected them.

Topics include: Being different, being ignored, friendship, bullying, relationships, gaining self-confidence, responsibility, and self-advocacy.

"This straightforward production offers reassurance and practical advice to students with learning disabilities. Bullet point lists give clear advice about understanding social cues, developing friendship-making skills, avoiding bullying, gaining self-confidence, and accepting responsibility." - Linda Whitehurst, Booklist

Author: Quinn Bradlee

Run Time: 38:39

Age Group: Ages 13 and up