A Baby Is Born, Grades 3-5

A Baby Is Born, Grades 3-5 - DVD

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This DVD program explains human reproduction, including information about conception, pregnancy, fetal growth and development, and genetics. It describes various human physical characteristics, explains how and why sex cells and hormones are produced and relates this to the biological process of fertilization. The growth and development of the fetus is illustrated with clear and beautiful artwork, a "must" for any complete course of study of human growth.

 "Updated - new and interesting - holds the student's attention" (A Baby is Born and Growing Up! for Boys) - Donna Bergeon, Principal, Pinewood Elementary School, Jenison (MI)

 Key Concept: Human reproduction - conception to birth

Run Time: 10:32

Closed Captioned

Age Group: Grades 3-5

Closed Captioned