Straight Talk About Self-Image and Identity

Straight Talk About Self-Image and Identity - DVD

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A dramatically different approach to puberty education. Please note that the working title for this video was Straight Talk about Mental Health. In this second Straight Talk program, hosts Lisa and Jason tackle issues that affect the mental well-being of young people:

  • More about hormones and emotions
  • Interacting responsibly with others
  • Developing a healthy body image
  • Making decisions based on facts
  • Recognizing and resisting commercial pressures • Identifying, understanding, and expressing emotions
  • Constructing a strong personal identity The question and answer format will help students sort out their conflicting thoughts, beliefs, and emotions and come to terms with themselves and their bodies. Straight Talk About Self-Image and Identity will help boys and girls approach maturity with grace and confidence.

Key Concept: Self-Image

Details: Run Time 18:13

Closed Captioned

Age Group: Grades 6-8

Closed Captioned