Take Care of Your Ears!

Take Care of Your Ears! - DVD

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Annie Funelli and the Funsters show students how to have fun, stay healthy and take good care of themselves.

Annie becomes a one-man band to introduce the Funsters to the world of hearing and demonstrates in her own whimsical style how our ears provide enjoyment, help us learn and communicate, and alert us to events and hazards throughout the day.

Annie explains some common ear problems, including blockage, infection, and hearing impairment. She helps kids recognize symptoms of these conditions and, with the help of the Funsters, demonstrates what to expect on a visit to the doctor’s office.

Annie stresses the first principle of ear safety: Don’t put anything in your ears smaller than your elbow! She also warns against too much loud noise or music, blowing in someone’s ear, or rough play that might damage ears. 

Annie also talks to Funsters about how children with serious hearing impairment communicate, learn and play.

The Funsters end this delightful program with a recap of all the ways youngsters can take care of their ears! "... a fact-filled lesson about ear care and safety... An engaging host, energetic kids, and solid information add up to an educational and fun introduction to the subject. Recommended."
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"... ideal for school and community library health and safety video collections."
- Children's Bookwatch

Age Group: Grades K-3

Closed Captioned